Optional extras

gold paint

We can apply gold paint to the cardinals (NSEW) or to any other part of the weathervane at extra cost. Gold paint will glint in the sun, and remain bright for many years.


Most of the illustrations on this website depict cardinals in Times New Roman, but we also offer an alternative, Old English style, as below


The scrollwork under the letter arm on the majority of illustrations on this website is made from 12mm x 3mm mild steel. We also offer an alternative, heavier scroll made from 6mm square steel. This is available on medium and large, but not petite size weathervanes.


Any weathervane can be hand coloured by our resident artist. For a price for any design not shown on this website, please contact us. PLEASE ALLOW  5/6 WEEKS FOR HAND PAINTED WEATHERVANES TO BE COMPLETED FROM DATE OF ORDER. If this can be completed any sooner it will be.


We are constantly adding to our range of designs. If you would like a new design, please contact us. The procedure is as follows: